Postgraduate Diploma Course in The Indian Temples | Postgraduate Certificate Course in The Indian Temples

The Indian Temples

Image: Gopuram of Virupaksha Temple, Hampi. Image by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra / CC BY 2.0.


The course covers temples that were built across the Indian Subcontinent from the third century BCE to the early modern era. Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain contexts of temple-making will be considered; speakers will adopt a range of approaches in the study of these architectural wonders including form, iconography, patronage, socio-cultural milieu, rituals, and the imagining of sacred landscapes. The goal is to showcase the beauty and power of Indian temples and explore their importance in the lives of the people they serve/d.

Lecture Schedule

10 August 2023 


- Dr. Crispin Branfoot


16 August 2023 

Buddhist Rock-Cut Temples

- Dr. Pia Brancaccio 


23 August 2023 


- Prof. Lisa Owen


31 August 2023 

Kailasanath Temple

- Dr. Padma Kaimal


6 September 2023 

Temples of Tamil Nadu

- Dr. Crispin Branfoot


13 & 14 September 2023 - Physical Public Seminar

Shiva’s Waterfront Temples

- Dr. Subhashini Kaligotla


20 September 2023

Hoysala Temples

- Dr. Katherine Kasdorf


27 September 2023

Temples of Kerala

- Dr. Arathi Menon 


4 October 2023 

Maratha Temples

- Dr. Pushkar Sohoni


11 October 2023  

Yogini Temples

- Dr. Vidya Dehejia


18 October 2023

Can you build a temple from a text?

- Dr. Adam Hardy


25 October 2023

Central Indian Temples

- Prof. Tamara Sears


1 November 2023

Mewar Temples

- Prof. Jennifer Joffee


8 November 2023

Temples of Benaras

- Dr. Heeryoon Shin


16 November 2023

Himalayan Temples

- Prof. Nachiket Chanchani 

Classes, unless otherwise stated, are from 6:30 pm to 8:45 pm on typically Wednesday evenings.

The sessions where the scholar will be present at Jnanapravaha have been indicated with the word 'Physical'.

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10 Aug - 16 Nov, 2023


Rs. 16,000
(PG Certificate)