Postgraduate Diploma Course in South Asian Painting Postgraduate Certificate Course in South Asian Painting

Southasian Painting

Image: Krishna returns to Dwarka with Jambavati. Folio from a dispersed series of the Bhagavata Purana
Nepal ca.1800. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Stella Kramrisch Collection, 1994. 1994-148-614

This course covers Southasian arts of the book from the 12th through the 19th centuries, focussing on illustrated histories, mythological stories, religious texts, and poetic works. Courtly as well as religious contexts of bookmaking will be considered; speakers will explore the different aspects of book patronage and production, including the nature of workshops and libraries, the formation of visual idioms, the aesthetics of the painted page, the relationship between text and image, the roles of originality and imitation in artistic practice, and the circulation of artists, materials, and ideas across the Subcontinent and beyond. A key goal is to foster an understanding of the role of illustrated manuscripts and illuminated books in the early modern world. This course will provide a unique opportunity to learn about the arts of the book from some of the leading scholars in the field who are rarely encountered in one place.

Lecture Schedule

18 August 2021 - Wednesday

1) Black: the colour of knowing

- Prof. Molly Emma Aitken


25 August 2021 - Wednesday

1) The Local, the Worldly and the Transcendent: where are we in Indian painting?

- Prof. Molly Emma Aitken


30 August 2021 - Monday

1) The Indic art of the book: Buddhist and Hindu manuscripts from Nepal and Northern India

- Prof. Jinah Kim


08 September 2021 - Wednesday

1) Illustrating Jaina religious texts and stories

- Dr. Robert J. Del Bontà


15 September 2021 - Wednesday

1) Rajput Painting: Concepts and Realities

a. What is Rajput Painting?

b. Early Rajput Painting: What has Mughal Painting got to do with it?

- Dr. Daniel Ehnbom


22 September 2021 – Wednesday _ 7:15 – 9:30 PM

1) Portraits of the Rajas of Bundi: A Study in Mughal-Rajput Cultural Exchange

- Dr. Krista Gulbransen


29 September 2021 - Wednesday

1) Communities of Practice: The Mughal Manuscript Workshop under Akbar

- Prof. Yael Rice


06 October 2021 - Wednesday

1) Books that Bind: The Persianate Album in South Asia

- Prof. Yael Rice


13 October 2021 - Wednesday

1) In The Age of Non-Mechanical Reproduction: Copying in South Asian Illustrated Manuscripts

- Dr. Neeraja Poddar


20 October 2021 - Wednesday

1) Deccani Arts of the Book

- Dr. Laura Weinstein


27 October 2021 - Wednesday

1) Expanding Spaces: Painting in the Mughal Successor States

- Prof. Kavita Singh


10 November 2021 - Wednesday

1) Ragamala Paintings: History and New Interpretations

- Dr. Marika Sardar


17 November 2021 - Wednesday

1) The Immersive Power of Pahari Paintings: The «Second Guler Gitagovinda»

- Dr. Caroline Widmer


24 November 2021 - Wednesday

1) Fraser Album Unbound: Decolonising Company Painting in 19th Century India

- Dr. Yuthika Sharma

Classes, unless otherwise specified on the schedule of lectures, are from 6:15 pm to 8:30 pm on Wednesday evenings.

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