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Upcoming Programmes

DEC Onwards
Criticism & Theory
Liberalism and its Indian Afterlife
Faisal Devji
JAN Onwards
Islamic Aesthetics
In the Triangle of Samarkand
Ilker Evrim Binbaş
JAN Onwards
Islamic Aesthetics
From International Timurid to Ottoman
Glru Necipoğlu
JAN Onwards
Islamic Aesthetics
Architecture & Decor
Yves Porter
JAN Onwards
Islamic Aesthetics
After Timur: Calligraphy and the Arts
Simon Rettig
Islamic Aesthetics
The Global Muṣḥ af: Visual Identity,
Simon Rettig
JAN Onwards
Indian Aesthetics
Thief Who Stole My Heart:
Vidya Dehejia

Core Team

Dr. Rashmi Poddar - Director

Rashmi Poddar, former Director (Aesthetics) at the Department of Philosophy, University of Mumbai is now the Director of Jnanapravaha Mumbai (JPM). Rashmi was awarded a doctorate for her thesis, "Rasa and Ananda - A Visual Discovery", by the University of Mumbai in 1997. Her path-breaking methodology of viewing and understanding Indian classical art has opened up new vistas and theories in the field of art history and research leading to several curated courses ranging from the one year Post Graduate Diploma in Indian Aesthetics to the semester long course on Yoga & Tantra - Concepts and Visual History. Under her guidance, JPM has presented more than 225 public programmes which cover the fields of Art History, Aesthetics, Archaeology, Architecture, Anthropology, Literature and Philosophy. Her firm belief in an interdisciplinary approach as well as situating India globally provides crucial paradigms not only in the structure of JPMs teaching programmes but also in its community outreach thus establishing the centre as the leading para-academic space of Mumbai.

Visit Dr Poddar's personal website click here.

Smriti Morarka - Joint Director & Trustee

Smriti Morarka, has always been a keen student of history, and in her early years was exposed to the world of art. By profession she is a textile revivalist, and works under the banner of TANTUVI. Tantuvi revives Banarsi handloom sarees and ensures that the weaver as an artist preserves and revives his dying heritage. It also ensures that the aesthetically inclined buyer has an opportunity to indulge her penchant for these beautiful woven works of art.


Rohit Goel - Academic Director

Rohit Goel is completing his PhD in Political Science at the University of Chicago. His dissertation, 'War and Peace in Lebanon, employs Marxian and psychoanalytic methods to analyse crisis and consensus in post-war Lebanon and in the post-Cold War world. His research has been supported by the Mellon Fellowship for Dissertation Research in Original Sources and the United States Fulbright Fellowship. Rohit has taught at the University of Chicago, Sciences Po (Paris), the American University of Beirut, and Jnanapravaha (Mumbai). He received an MA in Political Science from the University of Chicago (2006), an MPhil in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge (2003), and a BA in Social Studies from Harvard College (2002).


Shloka Nath - Director, Development and Publishing

Shloka Nath has a Master in Public Policy from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and has a BSc in Government from The London School of Economics and Political Science. Shloka brings over a decade of extensive experience in journalism and public policy, along with investment and fundraising expertise to the JPM team. Prior to JPM, Ms. Nath co-founded Sankhya Women Impact Funds in 2014, worked in print and broadcast journalism with the BBC in London, as a news anchor with New Delhi Television, and Principal Correspondent with Forbes in Mumbai. In 2010, she was nominated for India's highest awards in journalism for her reportage on microfinance in India.

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