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Upcoming Programmes

DEC Onwards
Criticism & Theory
Liberalism and its Indian Afterlife
Faisal Devji
JAN Onwards
Islamic Aesthetics
In the Triangle of Samarkand
Ilker Evrim Binbaş
JAN Onwards
Islamic Aesthetics
From International Timurid to Ottoman
Gülru Necipoğlu
JAN Onwards
Islamic Aesthetics
Architecture & Decor
Yves Porter
JAN Onwards
Islamic Aesthetics
After Timur: Calligraphy and the Arts
Simon Rettig
Islamic Aesthetics
The Global Muṣḥ af: Visual Identity,
Simon Rettig
JAN Onwards
Indian Aesthetics
Thief Who Stole My Heart:
Vidya Dehejia

Programming Segments

Indian Aesthetics

Since July 2007, when Jnanapravaha Mumbai (JPM) opened its doors, Indian Aesthetics has been addressed through a range of methods. Under this rubric, the centre conducts a year-long Post Graduate Diploma in Indian Aesthetics, as well as two semester long, in-depth courses – Yoga and Tantra: Concepts & Visual History, and the Art and Architecture of South East Asia. Illustrated lectures, seminars and performances by renowned international scholars and artists bring the best of current thinking and research to the public.


Criticism & Theory

The year-long Art, Criticism and Theory (ACT) course was the first programme under this initiative, aimed at developing skills of critical analysis and communication. Programmes under Criticism & Theory provide an opportunity for a close reading of images and texts, both formal and contexual. The goal is to be able to understand and negotiate with works of art and locate them within a theoretical framework. The special series of lectures titled 'Iconic Images' is the natural extension of this interrogation.


Community Engagement

Programmes under this head are conceptualised to make the arts more participatory and egalitarian. Presentations and discussions of seminal books, films and modes of popular culture seek to foster an interactive dialogue with the community and other arts organisations. The ‘Creative Processes’ series of lectures invites artists to speak about their ideas and practice. The activities of this important initiative are founded in JPM's firm belief that the arts are indispensible to the well-being and progress of both, the individual and the society.


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PG Diploma in Indian Aesthetics
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Islamic Aesthetics

Indian Aesthetics
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Southeast Asian Aesthetics
Islamic Aesthetics
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