Yoga and Tantra

Ambitious in scope and interdisciplinary, the Yoga and Tantra (Y&T) public seminar series offers a critical inquiry into the field of yoga and tantra. The programme aims to trace historical antecedents to modern-day practice, exploring the relation between yoga and tantra and offering a broad understanding of the development of yogic and agamic/tantric traditions in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain worldviews as well as syncretic interactions with Islam and vernacular bhakti traditions, including the sufis and the Nath yogis from premodern to modern times.

The seminars are at once a meditation on life and an encounter between the philosophical and the experiential, situated in the socio-religious order of the historical world even as it adduces the transcendental, esoteric, and mystical dimensions of an array of yogic and tantric traditions.  

Emphasizing current research and publishing in the field, Y&T brings national and international scholars leading innovative research projects to teach students and deliver public seminars that trace the historical development of yoga and tantra, especially the ways in which their symbiotic relation contributed to the formation of hatha yoga around the end of the 1st millennium CE.  Y&T is sensitive to the increasing popularity of yoga today, its globalised and modernized practices, and seeks to place these contemporary trends in rigorous historical context, from the premodern to the modern periods.

Y&T also invites tradition holders – senior teachers from ‘modern’ yogic schools – to explain how oral traditions have transmitted yogic knowledge and its embodied practice across space and time. The programme aims to foster dialogue between such practitioners and academics from across disciplines, presenting views from Sanskrit studies and philology, philosophy, literature, aesthetics, art history, religion, archaeology, and anthropology.

Each Y&T seminar emphasizes a specific theme within the larger context of the philosophical concepts, meta-theologies, and cosmologies of yogic and tantric traditions as well as the aesthetics of the visual representations of those ideas (i.e., their manifestations in temple art, sculpture, painting, as well as their reflections in the lived practices of nationalists and saints).

Timing5.30pm - 8.30 pm


01 Aug - 31 Oct, 2018

Registrations Closed